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Australian Advanced Manufacturers of Sintered Metal Components and Sintered Metal Filters


Advanced Material Solutions offers high value Sintered Metal Filters and Metal Injection Moulded products based on Advanced Manufacturing technologies as well as engineering, design and development services and system integration.
Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) produces metal components in simple or complex shapes with little to no secondary operations, such as machining, tapping, grinding or deburring. The produced components are slightly lighter than machined components with virtually the same mechanical properties. Complex shapes can be produced much more rapidly and cost effectively than by machining of investment casting with as good or better tolerance control. MIM can be used to make finished components in a single, largely automated process which would otherwise require several machining, assembly and finishing steps.

Advanced Material Solutions can work as your partner in small to medium run MIM component manufacturing. We can use your existing mould or assist you with the design and fabtication of a new mould.

Advanced Material Solutions is the only company offering MIM components that are made in Australia. We produce feedstock and components from a variety of high value alloys to make high quality components.
Advanced Material Solutions offers our highest quality DuraSter and Viti-flow membranes in modules for customers who wish to retrofit their existing filtration system as well as for those looking to engineer their own filtration system.

DuraSter and Viti-flowmembranes are the smallest diameter metallic membranes in the world and the only hollow capillary membranes in the world. They are the first and only commercial-length (700mm or longer) metallic membranes in the world made from a single length of membrane. They also have the thinnest wall of any cylindrical metallic membrane in the world.

All of these world’s first and only membrane features, plus an asymmetric membrane structure with a high percentage of open area provide a membrane with all the benefits of an asymmetric plastic ceramic filter, including high flux, small filter footprint, small pumps, low power consumption and low shear and heat gain. They also provide a strength, durability and longevity far superior to either asymmetric or symmetric plastic or ceramic membranes with virtually no risk of membrane failure due to process extremes.

To see more about DuraSter and Viti-flow membranes, see "DuraSter and Viti-flow Advantages" to the right and our Downloads section
Your process requires a durable, reliable and economical filtration solution. Advanced Material Solutions can offer our next-generation DuraSter© metallic membranes in a number of materials and configurations to suit your process. Our team of engineers will work together with you to find the optimum combination of filtration performance, yield, ease of use and operating cost savings, be it a simple batch filter, a fully automated, 24/7 system with integrated CIP or something in between, AMS can provide a solution.

For products containing a large percentage of solids, as well as to take advantage of the benifits of the hollow capillary membrane, AMS manufacture both interal and external rotary screens. All stainless steel construction and quality wedgwire screens assure simple, robust and reliable operation with high flow rates and high solid loadings.

All functions required for safe operation and high quality finish are automated on every system, with simple operation from a touchscreen operator interface. Advanced features, such as function sequencing, final product concentration, graphical production and CIP records and FDA compliant audit trail are also available.

All AMS filtration systems also incorporate the unique DuraSter© or Viti-flow sintered metallic membrane modules (see Sintered Metal Membrane above). To see more about filtration systems, see "AMS Filtration System Advantages" to the right and our Downloads section
Steam filtration is generally a depth filtration process. As the name implies, the contaminants in the steam get deep into the structure of the sintered metal element, where it can be difficult or impossible to remove. In contrast the unique DuraSter Filter membrane is a true surface filter. A simple blow down through the inside of the membrane tubes clears the contamination off of the membrane surface, restoring filter performance.

The next-generation DuraSter Filters are made entirely of 316L stainless steel. There are no weak points, such as membrane welds or O-rings between the feed and filtered steam. You can be confident that the integrity and performance of a DuraSter Filter will satisfy your needs for many years to come. To see more about Duraster steam filters, see "DuraSter and Viti-flow Advantages" to the right and our Downloads section
Advanced Material Solutions offers highest quality sintered metal DuraSparge© elements for sparging, carbonation, degasification, aeration and flotation in materials such as 316L, Super Duplex, Inconel and Titanium. These can be made as tubes or discs for inline or in tank operation in a variety of applications. The advantages of AMS DuraSparge© elements are:
  • Capable of working under extreme pressures and temperatures, do not suffer from thermal or pressure shock
  • high percentage of open area – more bubbles per square meter
  • small, uniform pore size – small bubbles have a higher surface area to volume ratio, which means better solubility or reaction in your process liquid
  • durable and corrosion resistant – made of materials to suit your product and process
  • easy to clean with chemicals, back flush or steam.
DuraSparge© - a better sparging element.

AMS have a long tradition with internal and external rotary screens, for liquid / solid removal.

AMS rotary screens handle the most challenging fluid streams, with their ability to perform at high flow rates and high solid loadings.

Applications include:

  • Dairies
  • wineries
  • Breweries
  • seafood processing
  • Mining
  • oil and gas
  • Pulp and paper
  • Meat and poultry
  • vegetable processing
  • Effluent waste water
  • Fruit processing
  • Textile industry
  • Sewage & Storm Water
  • Pork processing
  • Tanning process
  • Protection of downstream equipment

Simple, efficient, robust and dependable, for years of trouble free running.

The MIM process starts with metal powder and binders that are blended together. The resulting feedstock is liquefied and injected into a mould using a customized injection moulding press. The green part that comes out of the injection moulding machine is then chemically or thermally treated to remove the bulk of the binders, producing a “brown” part. Finally that part is sintered in a high temperature vacuum furnace to form the finished part.

Metal Injection Molding Process
Metal Injection Moulding offers a number of advantages over alternative processes, especially for small and complex components.

MIM Compared to Machining
  • MIM designs can use less material and produce lighter components with the same strength
  • MIM offers cost savings, generally 50% or more depending on component size and complexity
  • MIM eliminates multiple set-ups
  • Materials that are difficult to machine can often be easily formed with MIM
MIM Compared to Investment Casting
  • MIM can produce thinner wall sections
  • MIM offers cost savings, generally 50% or more depending on component size and complexity
  • MIM produces a better surface finish
  • MIM requires little to no secondary operations, such as finish machining
  • MIM produces components with better, more repeatable tolerances
Compared to Die Casting
  • MIM offers a larger material selection
  • MIM alloys offer better corrosion protection, wear resistance and strength
  • MIM produces a better surface finish
MIM compared to Sintered Powder Metal
  • MIM produces a higher part density
  • MIM produces higher strength and ductility
  • MIM allow for more complex geometries
  • MIM can allow for two powder metal parts to be made in one mould, reducing part count and assembly
  • MIM components can be welded or plated the same as wrought metal
  • MIM requires little to no secondary operations
The unique DuraSter© and Viti-flow sintered metallic membrane modules offer the following advantages over competitor’s membranes:

  • membrane diameter to suit the process – smaller diameter membranes for lower levels of feed contamination means a more economical filtration system, lower energy costs and a gentler filtration.
  • membrane materials to suit the product – a range of materials means that you can choose the most compatible membrane to match your products and processes.
  • surface filtration – this leads to easier flow recovery and no performance degradation over time.
  • highly cleanable - can be repeatedly cleaned back to day one performance
  • highly compatible - can be cleaned agressively with a wide range of cleaning and sanitizing chemicals with no performance decline
  • can be used at high temperatures and pressures
  • very resistant to pressure and thermal shock

  • To see more about DuraSter and Viti-flow membranes, see our Downloads section
System advantages and options:
  • Low power consumption with metal capillary membrane
  • Compact system
  • Product can be concentrated at the end of filtration to a minimum volume of waste
  • System backflushes with product, no dilution or product loss
  • Filtrate tank and pump allows filtration to proceed with no disturbance when changing downstream tanks or pumping against changing hydrostatic or other pressures
  • Concentration tank allows system venting and feed concentration without disturbing feed tank
  • Fail-safe system automatically puts system in safe state with no product loss on loss of power or pneumatic pressure
  • No need for pre-treatment or centrifugation
  • All stainless steel construction for years of reliable, low maintenance operation
  • Clean, simple, graphical touchscreen user interface
  • Cycle programming
  • Easy customisation – create your own sequences graphically on-screen
  • Expandable – add your own instruments, set them up graphically on-screen and incorporate them into your own or standard sequences – no programming required!

All AMS filtration systems incorporate the unique DuraSter© or Viti-flow sintered metallic membrane modules (see above). To see more about filtration systems, see our Downloads section


AMS serves a variety of industries, from pharmaceutical, fuels, chemical and municipal through wine, food and beverage to commercial and consumer products.

More information on products that serve these industries can be found in the Products and Downloads sections of this website.


AMS offer services to help you prototype and get your metal components into production and improve your filtration security, product finish and bottom line. These services start with 3D modeling and 3D SLS printing for MIM components and a benchtop trials to determine how well our DuraSter or Viti-flow membrane suits your process for filtration. They continue through to delivery of MIM components and regular filtration system maintenance programs.
If you are looking for replacement membrane for microfiltration and are ready for a higher level of quality, durability and economy, AMS can help you eliminate the hassles of working with polymeric and ceramic membranes. With membrane modules made with our patented DuraSter or Viti-flow 316L capillary membrane you will enjoy an unheard of level of security and ease of cleaning. In most cases the modules will be rated for the same or higher flow and will always have a much longer life than plastics or ceramics.

In many cases AMS membrane modules can be made to install directly into your existing membrane housings. If not, AMS can custom manufacture housings complete with DuraSter or Viti-flow membrane to suit your existing filtration plant and pipework.

So, whether you need to replace a short-lived filtration solution, such as polymeric of ceramic membrane from Bucher, Pall or Della Toffola, or if you need more capacity than you are have with your large-bore metallic membrane from a supplier like Graver, AMS can provide you with an secure, economical, long-lasting filtration solution.
Whether you have a hand-drawn sketch or a full 3D model, AMS can help you get your MIM design from concept to production.

We can prepare your design for prototyping using the latest 3D modelling software and provide you with metal prototypes made using Selective Laser Sintering (SLS). We can also make, test and optimize the tooling required when you are ready for production.

At AMS our goal is to make getting your design into MIM production as easy as possible for you.
A key component in engineering a crossflow microfiltration system to meet your needs is trials. If you are considering purchasing a DuraSter© or Viti-flow Filtration System or retrofitting your existing system, Advanced Material Solutions offers trial services, starting with benchtop trials of 20 litres in our Lonsdale facility.

Should the benchtop trial results indicate that one of our DuraSter© or Viti-flow Filtration Systems could provide a viable filtration solution for you, we would strongly suggest a one or multiple day site trial or an in-house trial using a larger volume of your product to get a better understanding of long term filtration performance and required cleaning regime.

All our trials are conducted for a reasonable fee in order to cover our costs.
At AMS we believe that the best testimonial to our filtration systems is the feedback we regularly receive from our customers:

“Trouble-free” “We forget that it is there” “It just runs”

In order to get these testimonials, we focus on system integration from the start.

We understand that every production facility is different. That is why we work together closely with our customers to provide a seamless connection between the filtration system and the upstream and downstream processes. Our filtration systems are highly flexible and so are we. We can provide a stand-alone filter or a system that is adapted to process conditions, responsive to and completely transparent to the rest of your plant automation, as well as uses common components to reduce spares.
However low-maintenance any system is, ongoing maintenance makes sense in order to assure maximum uptime, system longevity and performance.

At AMS we offer ongoing maintenance for all of our filtration systems. This includes an inspection of the few wear system wear parts and replacement as required, a review of system performance and addressing any issues raised by operations or engineering staff. It also includes remote access and onsite troubleshooting, if needed, and evaluation of any desired changes or additions to the filtration system’s feature set.

Ongoing maintenance is included with each filtration system during the normal warranty period and can be extended as desired.


Working together with leading universities to create the next generation of Advanced Material Solutions

Deakin University Victoria University

Electrospinning and Smart Coatings

Working together with the Deakin and Victoria Universities, we are developing new and exciting membrane technology to extend and enhance our current membrane capabilities. Next-generation membranes are expected to be ready for commercialisation in the next three to five years.
These membranes may include features such as metallic micro-filtration combined with ion exchange, woven titanium membranes for nano-filtration, anti-microbial membranes and adsorbing membranes.

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University of Queensland

Carbon Footprint Reduction in Titanium Metallurgy

We are working together with the University of Queensland and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology to develop high quality, economical Titanium powder with a smaller carbon footprint than current technologies have.
We are also working on adapting various Advanced Manufacturing Material technologies to utilise this powder to manufacture high quality Titanium components and filtration membrane.

Metallic Membrane Pore Size Reduction

In another project with the Victoria and Deakin Universities we are exploring ways to reduce our DuraSter membrane pore size. We are working towards a fully sintered metallic, hollow-fiber ultrafiltration membrane to complement our existing micro-filtration capillary membrane. This will allow us to make virus-barrier filters while maintaining the advantages, such as durability, ease of use, longevity, process, pH and product compatibility of our unique metallic membranes.
First commercial trials of virus-barrier membrane are expected in 2015.

University of Queensland Royal Melbourne INstitute of Technology

Microwave Sintering (MWS) of Pressed and Injection Moulded Components

We are working together with the University of Queensland and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology to develop an eco-friendly approach to the manufacture of high performance, low cost powder metallurgy components. This new technology involves using microwaves for the sintering of MIM and pressed powder components.

Safe Water

Safer Water Inititive

We are actively seeking partners in Government, NGO and other sectors to establish programs to both donate a lifetime of safer drinking water and establish micro-entrepreneurial ventures to cost-effectlvely and sustainably sell safer drinking water using filters made with our DuraSter membrane.


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